Component & Sub-assembly Overhauls

Are your broken down components or sub-assemblies slowing down your productivity?

Ensure the ongoing productivity of your underground mining or tunnelling project with the help of MTC. We help minimise downtime by coordinating and completing the repair and overhaul of a range of components and sub-assemblies including (but not limited to):

  • Joy Cutter Heads (12CM30 and 12CM12)
  • Joy Gathering Gearboxes Joy Traction Gearboxes
  • Joy 12CM12 Gathering Aprons
  • Joy Conveyor Assemblies (12CM12 and 12CM30)
  • Joy 12CM30 East/West Gathering Aprons

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Model: Joy 12CM12

Cutter Head

Model: Joy Traction

Drive Planetary

Model: Joy Traction

Drive Reduction Gearbox

Tailored leasing and financing options

We are proud to offer short or long-term tailored and flexible leasing and financing packages to suit your business’ operational and financial needs at any given time. This ensures minimal downtime and maximum productivity even when access to capital is challenging. Contact us to discuss your finance needs.