Roadheader Machines for Hire

Roadheader Machines

Model: AM75-MOB027


Overall Height (at Canopy):

Overall Length:

Width of Crawler Assy:

Total Weight:

Width of Loader Head:

Max position of loader head

        – Above Track Level

        – Below Track Level

Speed of Conveyor Chain:

Ground Pressure below Tracks:

Traction Force per Track

Tramming Speed:

Negotiable Gradients

Cutting Height above track level

Cutting Height:

        – Loader Head in Lowest Position:

Cutting Range below Track Level:

Conveyor Width

Conveyor Chain & Sprocket

1,965 mm

11,800 mm

2,600 mm


4,200 mm

See below:

610 mm

150 mm

1.5 m/sec

13 N/cm2


7-16 m/min

+/- 20 gon

4,550 mm

See below:

4,700 m

150 mm

560 mm


Model: S65


Total Weight:

Total Length:

Total Width:

Total Height:

Cutter Motor:

Hydraulic Motor:

Cutting Drum Extension:

Max Cutting Height:

Max Cutting Width:

Gathering Width:

Loading Capacity:

No. 1 Conveyor:

Trough Width:

No.2 Conveyor width:

Crawler Shoe Width:

Overall Crawler Width:

Cutting Capacity:

22-25 t approx.

11.3 m

2.8 m (or 1.8 m)

1.5 m

65 kW

22 kW

450 mm

3.8 m

4.2 m (Stationery)

2.8 m (or 1.8 m)

Max. 2.8m3/min

Single Chain Conveyor

450 mm

Belt Conveyor (500 mm)

350 mm

1,400 mm

58 mpa

Model: MHRS300A


Overal Length:

Overall Height:

Overall Width:

Total Weight:

Cutting Height:

Cutting Width:

Under Cut:

Cutting Motor (rated):

Hydraulic Motor (Rated):

Total Installed Power:

Drum Revolution:

Extension Stroke:

Gathering Width:

Gathering Arm Revolution:

Loading Capacity:

Conveyor Width:

20.8 m

4.7 m

4.0 m

95 ton

6.5 m

7.5 m

0.45 m

300/150-4/8P kW

90-4P kW

396.3 kW

High 36/43-50/60Hz

Low 18/22-50/60 Hz

0.7 m

4.0 m


Max. 4.8/5.8-50/60Hz

Model: S300M


Total Length: (incl. rear conveyor)

Total Height:

Total Width:

Total Weight:

Max Cutting Height:

Min Cutting Height:

Max Cutting Width:

Min Cutting Width:


Cutting – Oil Cooled Low Speed:

Cutting – Oil Cooled High Speed:

Pump Motor – Air Cooled

Water Pump Motor – Air Cooled

Second Conveyor – Air Cooled

Tram Speed:

Sump Depth:

Cutting Section:

16.8 m

2.3 m (Chassis)

3.8 m

85 T (approx.)

5.5 m

2.6 m

6.7 m

3.8 m

See below:

200 kW

300 kW

90 kW

22 kW

5.5 kW

3.8 m/min – 7.6 m/min

600 mm

40 m2 (from one location)

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